Ultrafast CCRM camera and applications-data processing (2021/22)

High-speed imaging is a powerful tool for capturing ultrafast transient phenomena in a variety of applications such as screening the physiological processes in biological tissues, high-throughput blood cells screening, fluorescence confocal and lifetime microscopy. These applications require cameras with high-speed capture rates between Kfps to Mfps.
However, bulky design, high costs and complex operations of the conventional high-speed imaging systems make these specialist cameras almost inaccessible for most users.
Recently, we have invented a new high-speed imaging technology- Coded Compressive Rotating Mirror (CCRM) camera that provides a novel solution for high speed imaging using low cost off the shelf components.
This MSc project will work on new developments and improvements of the high speed CCRM technology with following options:
• Build simplified high speed CCRM camera: – the student will be supervised to design/build a novel simple and low-cost high speed CCRM camera using off the shelf components.
• System integration of the high speed CCRM camera prototype: – the student will work on using hardware and software (program using C++ and Arduino) to integrate the system including synchronisation, compact optical/electrical design, FPGA integration, etc.
• Imaging algorithm and Machine learning – The student will work on the improvements to the current imaging algorithms and incorporating state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms in the current mathematical model.
• Applications: Using high speed CCRM camera to capture ultra-fast dynamic scenes in a variety of applications.

The project will be supervised by Dr. Xu Wang and supported by PhD student/researcher at AOCIL. We look for passionate and self-driven students to work on the project.

For more information, please contact Dr. Xu Wang (x.wang@hw.ac.uk)
AOCIL: http://home.eps.hw.ac.uk/~xw66/

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Dr Xu Wang
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