Underwater optical communication-FPGA (2021/22)

Underwater optical communication is an attractive means to achieve high data rate, low latency, and covert communication between underwater vehicles or sensor nodes. Nowadays, laser sources are used in underwater for imaging, scanning, predicting water turbidity, underwater laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), remote sensing, and obstacle detection.
At AOCIL, we have developed highspeed UWOC testbed in the lab transmit data at 125 Mbps over 40 meters and prototypes that can be tested inside underwater environment.

This MSc project will work on the theoretical and experimental investigation for UWOC with following options:
• High speed UWOC data transmission in harsh water condition – the student will investigate the effect of water condition on the data communication and the technologies to improve the system performance, including component choosing, optical design, and machine learning based advanced digital signal processing.
• Implement of advanced algorithm in the prototype. – the student will work on the UWOC prototypes and implement advanced digital signal processing algorithms including machine learning on the FPGAs in the system.
• UWOC aim/alignment system. – The student will work on design and develop effective aiming/alignment system to assist the alignment of the UWOC prototypes in the underwater environment. This include the optical/mechanical design of the alignment system and the feedback control using Raspberry-Pi or an FPGA.

The project will be supervised by Dr. Xu Wang and supported by PhD students /researcher at AOCIL. We look for passionate and self-driven students to work on the project.

For more information, please contact Dr. Xu Wang (x.wang@hw.ac.uk)
AOCIL: http://home.eps.hw.ac.uk/~xw66/

Supervisor name: 
Dr Xu Wang
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