Use of microfluidic devices for fluid flow studies

Investigating the mechanisms that govern flow of fluids at the pore-scale are the cornerstone of understanding multiphase flow in porous media for a wide range of applications, including hydrocarbon recovery, CO2 sequestration and contaminant hydrology. Microfluidic devices coupled with visualization techniques allow us to study pore-scale processes. We have successfully coupled flow experiments of microfluidic devices (fabricated using laser manufacturing methods) with pore-scale numerical simulations under various experimental conditions. In this project, we propose to investigate the fluid displacement front, saturation distribution, and the influence of the micromodel imperfections on the bulk flow. The student can also be trained in the use of a commercially available computational fluid dynamics (CFD-COMSOL) software in this work.

Supervisor name: 
Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer
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RCCS Labs in Coulson Building
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Dr Omid Shahrokhi