Doping existing and novel hydrotalcites for industrial carbon capture (2016-17) (2016-17)

Hydrotalcites have attracted an increasing level of interest in the scientific community, specifically on using this material for applications such as CO2 capture, ion exchange, fire retardants and base catalysis. Hydrotalcites are a type of layered-double hydroxides. They consist of layers with positive charges and brucite like structure. The positive charges are balanced by anions.

Doping hydrotalcites with K2CO3 or Na2CO3 were tested and enhanced CO2 sorption was observed in previous studies. In this project other types of potential, unexplored doping reagents will be tested for their ability to enhance the CO2 uptake of hydrotalcites. Different types of hydrotalcites will also be tested, including purchased and lab synthesised.

Supervisor name: 
Dr Susana Garcia
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Project location: 
CICCS labs (John Coulson Building)
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Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer