Interaction-Free Metrology


Interaction-Free Metrology

Wed, 21/09/2022 - 15:00 to 16:00
Dr Jonte Hance
University of Bristol

Recent work on counterfactual/interaction-free effects has focussed on its use for communication. However, here we take it back to its roots---metrology. Specifically, we first describe a protocol proposal for enhancing the efficacy of ghost imaging by making use of counterfactuality to image the object without any photons hitting it. We show this increases the Signal-to-Noise Ratio per photon-object interaction to well above that of ideal ghost imaging, both for ideal and realistically-lossy components. We then extend this counterfactual metrology to the polarimetry of a given sample. This allows the identification and differentiation of chemically-identical samples with far less absorbed energy than current approaches---a key concern for delicate samples being probed with high-frequency radiation.


Jonte R Hance is a PhD student working at the University of Bristol, supervised by Professor John G Rarity FRS and Professor James Ladyman. His research involves investigating foundational areas in quantum physics (such as interaction-free measurement, weak values, and statistical independence violation), with a view to evaluating and leveraging novel phenomena in these areas for the development of quantum technologies