Visible-Light-Mediated Formation of C–N Bonds


Visible-Light-Mediated Formation of C–N Bonds

Wed, 24/01/2018 - 16:00 to 17:00


Dr Daniele Leonori
University of Manchester

Nitrogen-containing compounds are a privileged class of molecules, which have
applications in medicines, agrochemicals, dyes and materials.1 As a result, the construction of
C–N bonds is an extremely active area of research. Nitrogen-centered radicals are a versatile class
of intermediates however, the difficulties associated with their generation have significantly
thwarted their use in synthetic chemistry.2
We have accomplished the formation and use of iminyl,3 amidyl4 and aminyl5 radicals in novel
aminofunctionalization reactions through the design of a new class of reactive oximes,
hydroxyamides and hydroxylamines.
Owing to their redox properties, they could be successfully
engaged in hydroamination, amino-fucntionalization and N-arylation reactions.


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