Insights into the Natural World by NMR Spectroscopy


Insights into the Natural World by NMR Spectroscopy

Wed, 24/10/2018 - 14:15 to 15:15


Prof. Dusan Uhrin
University of Edinburgh EaStCHEM School of Chemistry

Solution state NMR spectroscopy is an incredibly versatile analytical technique that provides deep insights into the structure, interactions and transformations of molecules. My journey as an NMR spectroscopist started many years ago with small natural products and allowed me to investigate structure and function of carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, organic and inorganic molecules. I have studied complex mixtures found in the environment such as humic substances, but also more pleasurable mixtures such as Scotch Whisky. I occasionally call on mass spectrometry (when the goings get tough), but always stay true to the rock of my life – NMR spectroscopy. I push the boundaries of NMR by contributing to the development of its methodology.
In my lecture I will give a broad range of examples of the use of solution state NMR from natural product chemistry, carbohydrate, environmental and food chemistry to organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, including structural biology and omics sciences. I will say a little bit about why and how it all works, but will focus on the outcomes and the information that NMR spectroscopy offers to natural sciences.
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