Developing a microelectrode array to assess organoid health


Developing a microelectrode array to assess organoid health

Wed, 30/01/2019 - 13:30 to 14:30


Mario Alvarez-Martinez

Type I diabetes is defined as a disorder where the ability of pancreatic islets (specifically beta cells) to produce insulin is compromised due to the destruction/impairment of pancreatic islets. However, a cure is available! Islet transplantation can be a life-changing operation that can lead to insulin independence and dramatically improve control of blood glucose. However, methods to assess islet viability prior to transplantation are subjective and inaccurate leading to a high failure rate. In this project, I am using islet bioelectrical activity as an indicator of islet quality. It is a label free, quick and objective method, and fulfils three major requirements for accurate assessment in the clinical setting. I am engineering an integrated microelectrode array/microfluidic solution to enable the measurement of the electrical activity of isolated human islets as a proxy for islet health. This device will ultimately contribute to the improvement in islet transplantation outcomes in type I diabetes patients.